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Recent Additions / News

Forbes highlights the importance of security on iPhone apps which should always be fully tested before download [1].

Governance Frameworks for Critical Internet Resources workshop at IGF 2007.

Fighting Corruption: Delivering Effective e-Government Applications, May 2007

Listen to Fred von Lohmann of the Electronic Frontier Foundation discuss intellectual property issues [MP3 23.3MB 1 hour, 21 minutes]. May 3, 2006

eGEEC-2005: Building Local E-Government through Public-Private Partnerships, Sinaia, Romania, Sept. 2005

iLaw Eurasia 2004: Emerging Legal and Policy Issues for the Information Age Tallinn

International Legal Framework for Data Protection, Dec. 2004 [pdf]

Copyright and the Internet, Dec. 2004

Promoting Internet Policy and Regulatory Reform in Vietnam March 2004 [pdf]

Internet Governance Paper, Mar. 2004 [pdf] Blog (Aug. 2003 through Sept. 2004)

The Global Internet Policy Initiative is a network of non-profit, non-governmental organization's supporting adoption in developing and transitional countries of the legal and policy framework for an open and democratic Internet. GIPI is a network of networks. Its members work with local stakeholders in consultative, coalition-based efforts to promote the principles of a decentralized, accessible, user-controlled, and market-driven Internet.

This web site collects Internet policy materials of particular interest to developing and transitional countries. International models and other resources are catalogued under the issue areas listed on the left of this page. Memos especially prepared by GIPI are collected under Best Practices.

In addition, GIPI members are creating country-specific and local language web sites posting national laws, draft laws, analytic materials, and news.

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